Lesley’s Infinity Tattoo

I first met Lesley in the Summer of 2015 at a Wedding Fair. We were a stand or two apart and by the end were sharing Strawberry Margaritas in the Sun!

Lesley and I drinking!(Lesley in the middle, me on the Right)

Lesley and her husband work as a husband and wife photography team, serving the Surrey areas with gorgeous portrait and wedding photography. I was so pleased to hear from her through a tattoo submission and I’m now really pleased she sent a tattoo in to be blogged. Lesley’s infinity tattoo is simple and beautiful but packed full of meaning

Tattoo Tuesday blog by Lex Fleming Photo. Lesley's infinity tattoo

Lesley’s infinity tattoo is her fourth tattoo and her only piece of ink in colour. “It may be small but it has a World full of meaning” Lesley says. Having got it around 6 months ago, it’s fast become Lesley’s most treasured tattoo.

“As a teenager I used to self harm. I developed depression at age 14 and live with it every day even now”

Now in her 30’s, Lesley has been dealing with the trials and tribulations that depression brings for over 15 years. The infinity symbol to her means to always carry on.

Tattoo Tuesday blog by Lex Fleming Photo. Lesley's infinity tattoo

It stands for hope, love and continuity. To never give up. There is always more around the corner. The leaves represent growth in work and in myself. The flowers represent and remind me that there is beauty in everything. There are also 3 flowers; 1 for each of my children and my husband. The image as a whole is a sign of beauty and strength and a reminder that women are beautiful regardless of their scars and baggage. Both inside and out.”

Tattoo Tuesday blog by Lex Fleming Photo. Lesley's infinity tattoo

Depression and the struggle that it brings is never an issue topic to talk about and I massively applaud Lesley for submitting such a personal tattoo to Tattoo Tuesday.

Whether you get tattoos for fun or tattoos to mark parts of your life, please do share your tattoos with me. I’d love to hear from you!

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