Tattoo Tuesday – Anona’s Poppy story

And I’m so happy to be sharing Anona’s tattoo story with you as part of my new blog series – Tattoo Tuesday. I first met Anona about 4 years ago at a wedding fair at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes. She had a very quick session with my company Rockabetty Studios and we seem to have kept in touch since then. As a side note: she is KICKASS at nail-art and you should definitely check out her youtube channel.

Anona tattoo story Tattoo Tuesday blog series Fleming Photo

Anona has a beautiful poppy tattooed on her inner wrist in memory for her Grandfather. It is stunning and so vibrant.

Poppy tattoo on inner wrist granddad

Here’s Anona’s tattoo story:

Poppy tattoo wrist memory tattoo tuesday at Fleming Photo blog series


Anona's granddad for tattoo tuesday fleming photo

“My story is that my granddad fought in world war 2, became a desert rat, was captured and escaped an Italian hospital! All to come home to his wife and start a family which then led to me! And he was my best friend. We had an amazing connection and even though I was only 8 when he passed I still remember everything about him, the way he smelled, what he used to read me before bed, just our bond.

Fleming Photo Anona Wright tattoo tuesday blog story

And I also had a supernatural experience after he died too where I saw him standing across the street from my school and I waved, my friends asked me who I was waving at I turned back to him and he’d disappeared that’s when I found out he had passed away! And to top it all off he passed away on November 11th, Remembrance Day in 1997. It’s why a poppy will always remind me of him and our relationship and it’s why I have this tattoo.”

Tattooist:  Steve Curwin @ Scarlet Rose Tattoos

I’m so excited to be starting my new blog series with its very own hashtag! #tattootuesday. Tattoo Tuesday is going to be a personal blog project of mine that I hope some of you will be interesting in reading and hearing about. I have some fantatic tattoo artists from London that will be appearing within the series, as well as stories of my own tattoos. But, it also will include YOUR tattoos!

So if you think you’d like to submit your tattoo story, whether its funny or personal, please submit here!