Cancelling or Postponing your wedding

This is my 2021/2022 policy and advice page for couples who are looking to cancel or postpone their wedding day plans. Please read through carefully before you make any decisions. I’ve tried to include as much information as I can that’ll help you navigate this decision.

If you are looking to make changes to your booking with Fleming Photo, I’ve come up with a few options for those looking to cancel or postpone your big days.


With the roadmap for 2021 being announced imminently, its important for me and my business I put this information out there before decisions are made without you hearing what my 2021 and 2022 policies are.


I have 3 options for you here at Fleming Photo:

1. I want to downsize our 2021 plans


I’m here for those micro weddings! Let me at ’em. They are so beautiful, so intimate and ultimately I think my 2020 couples that had micro weddings can say they had far more fun than they expected

All my information for micro weddings or elopements can be found here, with coverage starting at 1.5hours. Micro weddings certainly do not need to mean micro plans though. Just because numbers are reduced, it doesnt mean the awesomeoness has to be too. Wear the dress, get the flower installation, buy all the booze and food you desire. These days truly are speciall and dare I say it..I enjoyed them more than the full blown weddings I had been shooting for the last few years!

If you know you need to move your date, PLEASE get in touch before ANY decisions are made. I am a one man band, and once a day is booked it’s booked. Please ask for my availability or if  you’ve already contracted your venue, ask them for 2-3 potential dates and enquire with your wedding suppliers you know you want at your day.


2. I want to postpone to 2022.

This is a tough decision and I know it’s one that wouldn’t have come easy. Nothing has changed in me wanting to help you as much as I can. Below are my 2021 advice for postponing

1. You must ask about my availability before a date is chosen. I am a solo business owner. If a date is chosen and I am already booked, you can either have an associate photographer or it’s sadly got to be classed as a cancellation. So please email at lex@flemingphoto.co.uk and check what availability I have for 2022.

2. If you are a 2021 couple and your original wedding date was in 2021 I am offering the same policies I gave 12 months ago to 2020 couples: I am happy to offer one postponement free of charge to a weekday or Sunday. If you are requiring a Saturday date there is a postponement fee of £150 to bring your package inline with 2022.

3. If you were a 2020 couple, and you’re postponing for a second time, I am now asking that your package is brought inline with my 2022 prices. These are as follows:

6 hours: 1,700

8 Hours £1,900.

9 Hours: £2,050.

10 Hours: £2,200

These additional fees are added to your balance and paid 28 days before your new wedding date.


3. I want to cancel my wedding


I’m so sorry this is the decision you’ve made. I really do understand.

As the majority of weddings now going forward are technically allowed as ceremonies are returning by Spring 2021, your decision to cancel your plans are not classed as a covid cancellations. As such, we would need to stick to the original contract we all signed when you booked in which is as follows:

“In the unfortunate event of the couple canceling the photographic services or for whatever reason the wedding is not to go ahead on the date agreed above, the booking fee stated above is non-refundable. If cancellation of the wedding occurs within 28 days of the wedding date, the Photographers will try to find replacement work on the scheduled date and if replacement work is found 50% of the full fees for photographic services will be returned. If the Photographers are unable to find work on the scheduled date above, no fees will be returned.”

I will return all monies minus the original booking fee. These booking fees are to cover work already carried out; such as administration time, software costs to book you in, and any zoom or in-person meetings we’ve had.

Get in touch to inform me of your cancellation in writing.


Let’s meet in the Winchester when we can though, yeah? 

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