I’ve been wanting to talk about my travel tattoo since I started my blog series titled Tattoo Tuesday but was waiting for the right time. However, as I sit flicking through various travel books and guides for my expected travels in 2016, I actually want to scream and shout about my travel tattoo.

I’m not entirely sure where to start, so first I am just going to gush about Tracy. I was first introduced to Tracy way back in 2010 when a mutual friend (Thanks Gbenga!) had just got some fresh tattoos. I was back in London after a few years living in Nottingham and was looking for an artist to collaborate on some bits with. Skip to sitting on some cobbled steps in Angel with Tracy drinking a pint and scribbling about in her notebook. Not long after that, Tracy tattooed my first pin-up girl on my leg and the rest is history. She was starting out back then but I now visit her at Kings Cross Tattoo Parlour on the reg (though not for long!). Tracy specialises in everything I love; feminine, colourful, traditional and super beautiful!

In 2013, after 3 busy years of building a photography business with none of the rewards, I was given an opportunity to go to Paris. Before then, apart from School trips to France and Germany with 40 other hormonal teenage girls, I had only ever holidayed with family in Cornwall or Dorset. So when I was told I could go to Paris, I just about crapped my pants with excitement.

Now, anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not particularly a fan of Paris after this particular visit. Luckily I was given another opportunity to visit Paris again in 2015 and I made amends with Paris and we’re now friends, but in the Summer of 2013 it was hot, smelly, and full of very frightening people! However, during my trip and at one of the many museums, I stumbled in on a hot air balloon exhibition detailing the first parisian hot air balloon dating back to the 1910 and earlier. It. was. beautiful! I was obsessed almost immediately.

Fast forward a few more months, and I booked to go to New York for New Years Eve 2013. AHHH!!! MEGAAA!!! Honestly, if you’re reading this and you aren’t sure whether you want to go…GO! You won’t regret! However, this was going to be the longest flight I’ve ever been on, compared to 2 hour flights to Spain, and the furthest from home I’d ever gone.

So 2013 was a big year for me; Paris and New York. I know, to some that’s nothing, but for me who was born and bred in Bromley, this was an exciting year, and a turning point in my personal interests. I also knew is 2014, I was going to Barcelona, Berlin, Girona and Malaga.

So….I wanted a hot air balloon to represent my travel tattoo. And I knew just the girl!coloured hot air balloon tattoo by Tracy D

Tracy sorted me out and as with all my tattoos with her we met for a chat, and I left it all to her. I believe the original brief was ‘an old fashioned hot air balloon with red and white stripes, maybe in a frame” and the rest was up to her! No pressure, Tracy!

red white striped hot hair balloon travel tattoo

My favourite design aspect is the golden ornate frame. I was expecting a golden rope style frame so I didn’t see this stunner until she was literally putting the tattoo together the morning of the first session and I did a happy dance. It was stunning and so me!orante gold frame tattoo of a hot air balloon tattoo by Tracy D

In 2016, I’m travelling to Italy and Australia and know I want to add to my ‘travel leg’ as I have now aply named my left leg. Koalas and pasta shapes? Pizza slice and can of fosters? The list is endless!

Tattoo Tuesday is a weekly blog series exploring the UK tattoo scene, and showcasing tattooists, studios and tattoos from my readers, friends and myself. Check back every Tuesday to see the latest.

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