My Australian Adventure!

Well, I’m writing this as I’ve just had a mild panic attack as I’ve sat staring at the red and white website on my laptop. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t freaking out a bit. As I click the ‘confirm’ button on the Emirates website to confirm my 21 hour journey across the World, I thought I would take a minute to talk about my Australian adventure as well as My plans to Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney.

12 months ago, an old work colleague got in touch. “I’M GETTING MARRIED AND I WANT YOU TO BE OUR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER”

Yeah, ok….cool, but…I’m over 10,000 miles away in London? Does this even happen to people? She explains she’d rather fly me out and put me up in an air bnb than book someone local. What happened next still blows my mind a little and leaves me in the state I am right now: my belly flipping like I’m on the pirate ship at Chessington and still not quite believing that I’m going to Australia!

I’m all for destination weddings, and I seem to be using up all my good luck with the ultimate destination wedding to Australia!

So to ease the fear I want to tell you about my Australian adventure to Adelaide then onto Melbourne, Sydney and back to Adelaide.

I fly on Saturday first to Dubai where I’ll see the insides of the airport for 90 minutes before another 12 hour flight to South Australia to the very small city of Adelaide. Or as the locals call it: “Radelaide!” My plans for Adelaide are slightly in the dark, more because I’m trusting the bride & groom to be keep me on my toys. There’s already been talk of a beach day on the Monday, and mention of feeding giraffes and spider monekys. But here are the top 3 things I’m looking forward to:

  1. PANDAS!!!!!!!!! There, I said it. It’s true, I’m mind blowingly, head over heels, goo goo eyes in love with pandas. I have been for almost 15 years and my nickname at University was Lex Panda, mostly because I never used to take my make-up off and woke up with mascara smeared panda eyes. So the bride-to-be has promised me a trip to Adelaide Zoo to see the only pandas in Australia. This makes me slightly weepy with happiness. I’ll be meeting these two: Wang Wang and Fu Ni (not Fanny)

pandas from Adelaide Zoo where I'll be heading on my Australian plans

  1. Adelaide Fringe Festival. It’s the perfect luck that I’ll be in Adelaide during one of South Australia’s most celebrated fringe festival. Think of Edinburgh fringe but in 30 degree heats and in parks, not Scottish pubs. I’m told we are going to 2 shows; one family friendly and…one not so family friendly. I’ll keep you posted!

adelaide fringe festival in Adelaide Australia. Part of my Australian plans

  1. Last but not least: I’m so excited to shoot my first Australian wedding. The wedding is being split over 2 days; a court house wedding on Thursday followed by intimate dinner for the couple’s friends and families followed by a huge party hosted in Richard’s Park in Adelaide on Saturday 5th March (My birthday!!!!!). It’s an apt name as groom-to-be is called Richard. It’s fate! I can’t wait to experience Australian sun, late nights, and see how the Aussie’s celebrate putting a ring on it.


On Monday 7th March, I hop on my first internal flight of the trip to Melbourne. This has been somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for many years now. Nearly every person who I told initially I was going to Australia, the first thing they said was “Oh my god, you have to go to Melbourne, it’s SO you!”

I’m hoping this is a compliment, Melbourne.

The things on the list for Melbourne are:

  • Sushi – been told its super cheap!
  • Rooftop Bar – I love drinking and looking at views
  • Photo-booths on Flinders Street – I’m a SUCKER for black & white photobooths
  • Thousband Pound Bend-
  • Luna Park – More on this later!

Luna Park in Melbourne part of my Australian plans

  • Federation Square
  • Melbourne Museums
  • Brunswick street – everything and all!

Brunswick Street in Fitzoy, Melbourne. Part of my australian plans

  • Fitroy area in general!
  • Melbourne Thrift stores
  • Melbourne Flea market

I’m staying at The Nunnery near Fitzroy which I’m really excited about! It’s a converted nunnery now boasting some original decorations and has a real American Horror Story vibe to it!

The Nunnery in Melbourne

Next up: Sydney!

I arrive in Sydney on 14th March and have a variety of things planned thanks to lots of recommendations from friends. These include:

  • Watching my friend get tattooed by Lauren Winzer. Expect a Tattoo Tuesday blog on this!
  • Cooggee to Bondi Beach walk
  • Manly Beach
  • Sydney Botani Gardens
  • Secret Whiskey bars – Baxter’s inn!
  • The Rocks
  • Obviously, Sydney Harbour Bridge and…
  • Sydney Royal Opera House

Sydney CBD as part of my australian trip!

I’m staying in Wake up! Sydney Central all week and been told its a lush hostel so fingers crossed!

Wake up! Sydney Central as part of my australian plans

That’s all I have so far! If you have suggestions for places for me to go to add to my Australia plans on my adventure please comment below or send me an email I’d love to hear your recommendations! Equally, if you’d like to book me for a photo-shoot, wedding or general hang-out while I’m in town, you can email me via here!

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