If you’re a business owner and you just feel a bit stuck in a rut but you aren’t sure where to turn to then I’d love to help you out. Starting a new business can be hugely overwhelming. From self assessments to marketing ideas, your to-do list feels never-ending and you aren’r sure what to prioritise. If this sounds like you, then a mentoring session with me will be the friendly and safe kick up the arse you need to jump start your business. Every few months, I open up a handful of private and personal mentoring sessions for small businesses of all kinds to give your business a good old MOT and once over. I love nothing more than helping our young entrepreneurs and business owners and giving you a few shortcuts in the game we call business!

Who am I?


I’ve been making money from photography since the age of 16. From photographing local bands, to then being on tour photographing the likes of Paloma Faith, Emelie Sande and Justice, I was thrown into the business of self employment from a very young age. With a short spell as a photography teacher at 21, I started my first limited company at 22 and 8 years later I am booking 30-40 weddings a year, along with commercial and portrait shoots and have built a strong personal brand for myself. Along with running Wedding Breakfast club, I have been full time at my business since 2015.


2020 feels like THE year for us all and I’m offering up a handful of spaces this February & March to get you on track for the rest of the year


Why should you book me for a mentoring session?


I’ve learnt the long and hard way how to build a business, as well as how to ruin a business. My first business I owned failed within the first 4 years because I had no business sense. I didnt budget, my pricing didnt reflect my costs and expenses, and I spent any profit quickly. The business model was failed from the start and it cost me alot of time and money to realise that. Starting Fleming Photo in 2014, I wanted to succeed and learnt where I had gone wrong the first time round. Now, 5 years later I run two successful businesses creating a turnover I never dreamed possible!


Push your business to the next level!


From photographers to cake makers, our business model is all the same. With a non bullshit attitude to business, I promise to deliver encouragement, space to develop and no ones ‘too late’ to turn their business around!

What to expect

Using the information you provide initially, I give your whole business an MOT so to speak. I’ll go over websites, social media, your Google search results and get a good idea of where you are at with your business. The mentoring session can  be over Skype or at my home in Leigh on Sea (cake and doggy cuddles promised!) and can last anywhere between 1-3 hours. Normally around 100 minutes but there is no specific time limit, as every business and its needs are different. I’ll take notes on your questions and things we talk about and then within a few days I’ll send a document of what we discussed and tasks to complete. This also allows me a few extra days to think about ideas so there may be extra tasks and content.

We’ll shedule in another skype call after a few months and find out where you are at with your business and see how youre getting on with some of the ideas and goals we set.

These mentoring sessions are designed to give you a big boost in ideas, confidence and business advice to propel you forward in your business. 

All for the price of £190

Corrine Moffat Photography

I attended a workshop held by Lex in March. It was the first workshop I had ever been to and I was a little nervous about being the least experienced photographer there. Lex instantly made me feel so welcome and created a lovely atmosphere for us all.

I learned so much and would 100% recommend attending any future workshops she holds. Lex took the time on the day to take me aside for a little 121 as she recognised I felt a little overwhelmed.

I then invested in a mentoring session with Lex where we Skyped and she went over my business with me and any issues or questions I had. She’s so knowledgeable and her work is absolutely gorgeous. I really enjoyed the workshop/mentoring and I’m hoping that Wedding Breakfast Club will come to Glasgow soon so I can become a member! Thanks Lex!”



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