Preserve those final moments before your baby arrives

Motherhood & Newborn photography in Herts, Beds & Bucks

I am on a one-women crusade to help expecting parents  celebrate the joys of this crazy moment in your life. It’s like capturing the ultimate glow-up moment, but for moms-to-be! Think about it: you’re carrying a little human inside you, and that’s just so darn beautiful. Booking a shoot isn’t just about snapping pics; it’s about celebrating this crazy-amazing journey you’re on.

Who are these shoots for?

  • Expectant parents that want to document the moment in your lives but perhaps not a fan of heading to a conveyor-belt style studio, or cheesy, traditional photography
  • Modern, forward thicking parents that love documentary photography and capturing those little moments in the comfort of your own home
  • Wanting professional photographs to keep and show your children when they are older
  • An iphone just doesn’t cut it to document your changing body and family

Newborn Photographer in Bedfordshire

These photos? They’re not just for you. They’re for your little one too. One day, they’ll look back and see how much they were loved even before they arrived. It’s like giving them a sneak peek into the warmth and excitement that surrounded them from day one.

And hey, it’s not just about the Mums. Get the whole gang involved! Partners, siblings, fur babies—you name it. It’s a family affair, capturing the love and anticipation bubbling up as you all wait for the newest member to join the crew.

Now offering Motherhood photo sessions!

So, why book a maternity shoot? Because it’s a chance to freeze-frame this magical chapter of your life, full of love, laughter, and that undeniable pregnancy glow. Trust me, you’ll treasure these snaps forever.

My 2024 Motherhood packages

I’m immersed in a blended family myself and I have a deep passion for this area of photography. Candid photos are my jam and this new string to my bow is such a natural progression. I know what moments and images I would want to keep, sticky fingers and muddy paws be damned. I will grab exactly what you want to see, and you’ll more than likely enjoy my company too.


Remember…Voted best photographer 10 years in a row. By my mum.

Book in below and let's start banking those memories...

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