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I‘m going to be spending one of the most important days with you, so lets get to know each other. I’m Lex, I’m 30-something London wedding photographer and I luurrrveeee Photography.  No, for real. I’ve been a photographer since I was 16 and don’t know anything else. From music photography, to teaching photography to a bunch of a-level students, I live and breath the subject and all it has to offer.

We’re here for a good time, not a long time, so why take everything so seriously! I approach every wedding I photograph like I would everything in my life; with passion and laughter, with a healthy dose of creativity too. From helping with buttons holes to telling the dj when to queue the first dance, I can read the room well! You get more than just a wedding photographer when you book me, you get an unofficial bridesmaid and usher too! I can recommend so many amazing wedding suppliers from my other side hustle Wedding Breakfast Club that I can help from the minute you email.

"It was like having our very own hype-man and photographer all in one"

Jo & Dan

Born and raised in South East London, I grew up in Bromley. The home of H.G Wells, Bowie and Billy Idol. I’ve just moved to Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. If I’m not exploring what Southend has to offer then I’m enjoying London and its history. Evenings are spent at the latest street food festival or pop up exhibition with friends.

If you follow me at all on Instagram you’ll know I share my home with my young dog Wednesday. She’s a frenchie/cocker spaniel mix which is a recipe for disaster. And before you ask, sadly she cannot come to your wedding…she would have eaten the cake before you put a ring on it! Follow me (or her) on Instagram!

What makes me tick?

  • Dogs
  • Travelling
  • Whiskey
  • Leigh-on-Sea
  • Bill Murray
  • All things Wes Anderson
  • Coffee
  • Photography

What's next?

Head over to my Pricing page to see if we can make budgets work, or check out the latest wedding galleries.

Or, if you feel like we’d bond over our love of Espresso Martini’s and Bill Murray’s back catalog of films, then drop me an email below


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