As we all start finding our own unique ‘new normal’ during a Pandemic, and as more of my incredible 2020 couples face the hard decision of canceling their plans, I have a few personal triumphs in May. Overwhelmed with when and how to post these little accomplishments, I decided I would start doing a round-up post at the end of every month. Consider this a list of silver linings, as well as something I can come back and look at when I’m needing some good news!

I started doorstep portraits

Sitting around and twiddling my thumbs just isn’t in my nature. So in May, I decided to start offering the residents of Leigh on sea some informal and socially distanced doorstep portraits. From single occupants to families of children, cats, and dogs it has been such a pleasure to photograph people of the town I live in. Even better, for every session booked, £5 will be donated to Southend Foodbank. So far I’ve raised £130 for the local food bank!

I got my first magazine front cover!

Wah wah wee wah what a privilege! Having been a photographer for well over 15 years now, I was blown away when Your London Wedding magazine messaged me and told me the amazing news. The wedding of Jhuliana & Jonny was featured as the cover story of May’s edition of the magazine. This wedding was an absolute beaut to photograph and I’ve never been more looked after by a couple, so I’m so proud to share this achievement with a lovely couple. Jhuliana is now officially a cover girl too!

Get your copy here!

My podcast Apocalex! reaches 200 listens

At the beginning of the pandemic, when I was still sort of hamster wheeling my way through work and keeping busy, I decided to start a podcast that I had been dreaming about for years. Introducing Apocalex! podcast, the 21st Century survival guide to life. It features mostly me, every week inviting a good friend to talk about a subject. Informal conversations, jokes with stories mixed with inciteful information into adult life they didn’t teach us at school. From motherhood to racism, I’m so excited to keep growing the audience for Apocalex! and hope you dear reader may give it a listen and share with friends.

You can follow the podcast on IG too!

Pop art retro vector illustration kitsch vintage 50s 60s

I tidied my flat

I know this seems a stupid one but honestly…this is a fucking miracle! Being a ‘creative’ I manage to use this as an excuse for being a really messy bitch. I can’t even deny it, nor blame it on housemates anymore. I’m messy. Please note: not dirty! Just I seem to work better when there is crap spread across my desk, while a half-finished puzzle is on the spare desk and Wednesday’s toys are all over the floor*

So go me for taking the few days to not only tidy up but deep clean cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, and under my bed!!

*I’ve just described what my office looks like as I write this.

I fell in love with Wednesday the dog all over again

Before anyone reports me to animal welfare, what I mean is I feel like I’ve finally figured this dog out. I knew from the beginning I was not going to have a well-behaved dog. Come on, I’m me. Nothing about my life is considered ‘well behaved’. Equally with her namesake being Wednesday Addams, I never fully imagined I’d still be battling an 18-month-old dog. However, as my mood has lifted and my life has calmed down (combined with being with each other 24/7) Wednesday and I have found some sort of routine and peace with being each other’s cohabiters. She is cuddly and hilarious, and starting to understand more words like ‘where’s your ball’ doesn’t mean go grab the bone you’ve been eating! Her behaviour is now almost excellent and I’m bloody falling each deeper in love with her!

I was on The Business of Cake Making podcast!

At the beginning of May, I had the opportunity to jump on Wedding Breakfast Club member Bronya’s new podcast The Business of Cake Making. Of course, I hammered on about the importance of working with the right people…one of my specialty subjects! I love getting a chance to be guests on podcasts so if you’d like me to natter away about something, hit me up!

Last but certainly not least: I had a tarot card reading!

Whether you believe in spirituality or ‘the great beyond’ is your choice babes, but I’ve practiced and toyed with the art of tarot cards for many years. Whether you believe in clear signs from places unknown, or just using positive thinking and maybe even manifesting to make decisions in your life…then I’m all for it. This pandemic has really given me the space to think and relax. I’ve caught up on sleep, I’ve unpacked emotions and forgiven myself for lots. I jumped at the chance to have some clearer guidance from a tarot reading from a friend to help me make sense of where I should be focusing my attention.

I won’t go into detail but the reading was everything I needed. From a clear sign to continue working on areas of business I most enjoy, to a clear indication that things will continue to happen as I hope they would. Sometimes, you just need that little bit of reassurance that you’re in the right place at the right time and everything is happening for a reason.

Photo by Hamil Tarot

So there we have it…May turned out to be a busy month. I’ll create monthly updates of what I’ve been up to, what news there is at Fleming Photo and no doubt an update on Wednesday the dog too! June is already taking shape…!

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