Huffington Post Weddings love Smoke Bombs!

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Great news: Huffington Post Weddings love Smoke Bombs!

Two weeks ago I managed to tick one of my business  wishes off my list: I was featured on the mighty Huffington Post Weddings! As it turns out, the lovely people at Huffington Post Weddings love smoke bombs nearly as much as me, so when they emailed and asked if I’d like to be featured on a post all about colourful smoke bombs, I of course said yes!

smoke bombs with rockstar alternative couple. Available in Australia March 2016

The blog post shows a huge variety of incredible wedding portraits that are made extra fucking awesome with the use of smoke bombs. From blue to red, green to orange, there really is a wide range of ways to use smoke bombs for your official wedding portraits.

As you’ve probably gathered, I like to break the rules a little when it comes to your wedding portraits. 

What are official wedding portraits? 

Creative wedding photography smoke bomb photograph of newlyweds at night, as seen on Huffington Post Weddings

When I photograph a wedding, it’s the photographs we shoot together sometime after you’ve put a ring on it and before you get drunk and eat really good food. I always try and carve out 20 minutes or so with just you two to a) take some kick ass portraits, that I like to call ‘official portraits’ and b) to give you both a chance to actually say hi to each other alone and spend a few quality minutes together to remember what the whole day is about.

They are the photographs that your grandchildren will one day ask to see. Right now, your grandparents official portraits are most likely outside the church and is more than likely to be one of only a handful they have from their wedding day.  Wedding photography has drastically changed in the 21st Century. Would you rather show your grandchildren in the year 2056 a photo of you both faking a smile outside your venue, or a photo of you and your wife of 50 years running round letting of smoke bombs and looking friggin’ bad-ass?!

I know which my couples prefer! So to give you a bit of inspiration, check out Huffington Post’s wedding blog about smoke bombs and revel in the awesome.

Then send me an enquiry and we can get planning YOUR smoke bomb official portraits!

smoke bombs as featured on Huffington Post Weddings




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