My no B.S approach also extends to family sessions

Family photography sessions in Herts, Beds & Bucks

You love my photography, you want a shoot – but maybe you aren’t looking to put a ring on it at the same time. I’m now here to capture a wealth of memories and moments. I’m so excited to officially class myself as a family photographer and I’m available in Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire for all families, couples, dogs, babies….all are welcome!!

Who are these shoots for?

  • Families that have expanded and grown over the years, where generations come together. For one afternoon we commit memories to the camera and create unique photographs for you to keep.
  • Your little ones are growing up far too quickly and you want to remember them as the snot goblins they are. The tears, the laughter, the baby teeth, the curls in their hair. Snatch those moments, keep them and reminisce when you’re wrinkly.
  • Your little ones and fur babies are too feral for Joe Bloggs. There’s nothing I’ve not seen, heard or had wiped on me, So let’s go.
  • An iphone just doesn’t cut it for the times you’re all together. Guaranteed no thumbs.
  • Letting that trusty camera-wielding family member get some ‘shine’ time for once

Family Photographer in Bedfordshire

Think of a family shoot as an opportunity to breathe, revel in each other’s company (or argue, I’ll catch that too). I’ll put you at ease so you can be utterly you. It’s a cliché that these moments are fleeting but it’s true; your family evolves quickly and I want to be there to immortalise it for you.

I offer my time to get to understand the right kind of shoot for you, whether that be cosy at home, whilst the chaos swirls around us, stomping around with the dogs or grabbing a cheeky pint by a fire somewhere. I’m along for the ride and genuinely excited to hang with your clan, and feel privileged to be able to do it.

Now offering family photo sessions!

My ideal home is one with photos on every wall, that yell out a story, the warmth and love of a home and family. The muckiness and the grace, the tears and the joy. I would love to give you a part of that patchwork wall, that brings effortless smiles, daily.

My 2024 Family packages

What families are saying...

We had one of Lex’s new family photo sessions at home. We can’t thank Lex enough for our gorgeous, warm… photos. The session… was really relaxed, Lex knew what we wanted beforehand through chatting about what we could achieve …I really loved that we were able to do the session outside of a studio where it felt so much more relaxed, natural and candid. I was a bit worried about how the children would react to a proper camera but Lex has a lovely way with children, our 2.5 year old really warmed to her and wasn’t shy at all! ….We will treasure these photos forever and I definitely plan to have more as the babes grow.’

I’m immersed in a blended family myself and I have a deep passion for this area of photography. Candid photos are my jam and this new string to my bow is such a natural progression. I know what moments and images I would want to keep, sticky fingers and muddy paws be damned. I will grab exactly what you want to see, and you’ll more than likely enjoy my company too.


Remember…Voted best photographer 10 years in a row. By my mum.

Book in below and let's start banking those memories...

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