So you’ve booked me to photograph your big day but now what? Well I’m hoping some of your questions are answered below!



We've paid the booking fee, now what?

So you’re all booked in! Wahaay! I can’t wait to photograph your wedding. You should receive a reciept for your booking fee and then hopefully within a few weeks you should receive something through the post

You can follow me on Instagram to check I’m alive and check out what I’m up to. Be warned: it heavily features my dog, cocktails and office days with no make-up on!!

What's an engagement shoot?

An engagement shoot is a great chance to hang out before your wedding and ‘practice’ some portrait photography. My engagement shoots usually start with a drink somewhere and we can have a natter, then around an hour of wondering the city or Leigh on Sea with my camera.

They are a really great chance to see how I work, I can see how you both react to being in front of the camera and generally getting used to working together. Not all my couples’ choose to book an engagement shoot, but those that do generally enjoy it and it makes couple portraits on your wedding day a blast….because you already know what to expect!


You can book an engagement shoot for £250 and can be in Central London or you can come visit me in Leigh on Sea for ice cream!

We want to send you our invites, where can we post to?

Ace! I bloody love receiving your invite as it gives me an idea of your colour schemes/themes. It also means I can bring it with me for some nice flat lays on your wedding day.

You can send anything to

Lex Fleming

5 Avenue Road

Leigh on Sea

Essex SS9 1AX


What's the perfect wedding day timeline?

This is always up for debate but in my experience…this is the perfect timeline. Change the ceremony time to yours to see if it works.

1pm Ceremony

1.30pm End of ceremony

1.35pm Confetti & big group shot

1.45pm Drinks reception begins!

2.15pm Group shots

3pm Portraits begin whilst guests get called in for dinner

3.15pm Guests called in for dinner

3.20pm Couple arrive 

3.30pm Meal begins

5.30pm Speeches begin

6-7pm Drinks/room change over

7pm Cut the cake

7.10pm First dance

7.15pm Party starts!!


How many group shots should we have?

My general advice with group shots is to keep the number of different group shots under 10. Each group shot takes around 5minutes to organise, and after about 6 combinations you’re faces will start hurting from smiling!

Here’s my personal favourite combination of group shots

  1. Partner 1’s Family
  2. Partner 1 & 2’s joint families
  3. Partner 2’s family
  4. Partner 1 & 2’s parents
  5. Couple and bridesmaids
  6. Couple, bridesmaids & groomsmen
  7. Couple and groomsmen
  8. Misc group (can be work friends, school friends, etc!)
Should we have prep photographs?

You don’t have to have prep photographs, but I really love arriving before you get your glam rags on. It gives me a chance to meet your friends or family before things kick off. It’s also a really nice way to start your wedding gallery

My couples’ have often said how lovely it is to see what the other was up to in the morning of their wedding day. Youre going to plan every element of your day…except the morning!

We want to use smoke bombs, where do we get them from?

Due to my insurance I can’t supply smoke bombs, or even really tell you how to use them. My preferred supplier is Enola Gaye and be sure to only get the single ended ring pull grenades. Please don’t confuse these with the double ended grenades…it’ll cost you your palm skin!

Can we book additional hours?

Very rarely I’m booked for additional hours but sometimes when you work out your wedding timeline, you need an extra hour or two.

These are £150 per hour. 

Due to Wednesday the dog, these need to be pre-booked. I’m an incredibly laid back photographer on the day and of course weddings run late, however I’ve usually pre-arranged my dog care and changing by a few hours cannot always be possible! So let me know as soon as you can if you need more than the booked hours you have

What is a second shooter?

A second shooter is essentially a whole other ME for your wedding day. Essentially a second shooter’s job to be where I cannot be, whether that’s at the other end of the aisle, other side of the room or even with guests whilst we’re off having portraits taken. They are worth their weight in gold and always recommend to my couples. 

They are an additioanl £300 for upto 10 hours and can be added on whenever you feel like it, upto 2 months before your wedding day! Simply send me an email to let me know to book one

Who will be your second shooter?

My second shooters are all experienced and talented photographers in their own right. Perhaps they took that weekend off work but decided to help me out, or they didnt book the date themselves. They are trained to mimic my style of photography, and I take their photographs and edit and curate them into my own work. There’s no real point in sending their details to you…as they’ll be shooting exactly like me on the day of your wedding!

After you’ve got hitched

When will we get our preview?

Firstly congratulations!! You’re preview is usually delivered within 24 hours of leaving your wedding. On the rare occasion I am working the day after your wedding, I usually send you a couple via email, and then prepare your preview the next available day I’m in the office. I would have let you know on your wedding day if this is the case!

How long until we get our photo gallery?

I will gt your final photography gallery to you 6-8 weeks after your wedding day. I always aim for nearer to 6 weeks, but on occasion due to busy periods of weddings it may be nearer to 8 weeks.

On a very rare occasion it may be longer than 8 weeks. If this is the case its usually due to illness or a minor emergency. I would have let you know by 6 weeks if this is the case and always offer print credits or other such goodies as an apology. This has only happened 3 times in 5 years!

Can I share my photographs online?

Firstly, I’m so pleased you love your photographs enough to want to show them off! Of course you can post them online! Although its not the law to, it’s always SO lovely when you tag me in the photos either on facebook or instagram, so I can see all the lovely comments you’ll be getting!

You can tag me on facebook here, or instagram here

Other suppliers want to use your photographs, what do I say?

It’s always so flattering when your other wedding suppliers want to use photographs. Whilst I’m really relaxed about the sharing of photographs, suppliers must credit the images. The contract in place is between you and myself. Not with other suppliers. They aren’t to crop or alter the images either! If youre confused or don’t want to get it wrong, always just send my email lex@flemingphoto.co.uk to them and I’m always happy to chat to your suppliers for you

We want to send you a thank you, how do we do that?

This is always SO so lovely to receive and as I’ve previously mentioned, I bloody love getting mail! You can send mail to:

Lex Fleming

5 Avenue Road

Leigh on Sea

Essex SS9 1AX


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