My approach to shooting your wedding

I approach every wedding the same. Helpful tips, big smile and clean and charged cameras! Your wedding is more than just a days work to me. I am emotionally invested usually from your first email to me. I mean it when I say I’d love to be your wedding photographer! I want you to feel as comfortable with me as your photographer as possible, so here’s my mission statement:


I, Lex Fleming promise to make your time with me as fun, effortless and seamless as possible. I promise to NEVER make you pose awkwardly in front of a bunch of bushes. I promise to make your family group shots, fun, quick and painless. I will always smile when a family member becomes over baring. I will never say the words ‘cheese’ before taking a photograph. I will accept every single drink the groomsmen offer me (but might not drink actually because you know…drink driving). I promise to get every single Parks & Recreation quote you throw at me. I will be your Dwight Shrute.


What to expect?


We’ve all been to a wedding where you could predict what was going to happen next, or the wedding photographer was a total pain in the arse. Perhaps you’ve looked through wedding photos on your friends’ facebook and you already know what you DON’T want from your wedding photography. Well, good news! Wedding photography doesn’t have to be lame. In fact, it can be very very fun!

Why book me?

From confetti cannons (eco friendly, of course) to smoke bombs with a healthy dose of organised chaos in between, I aim to make every couple feel heard, appreciated and represented in their wedding photographs. I like to deliver a mix of photographs you want to blow up really big for the wall, and photos you want to put on social media and tag your friends. After all, there is a reason you’ve invited all these people to your wedding day!

Who’s weddings do I shoot?

Do you love someone? Then I’ll be your wedding photographer!

Love is love. I photograph ALL weddings as long as its 2 people that really dig each other enough to put a ring on it, as Beyonce would say.

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