Tattoo Tuesay – Faye’s Geisha Girl Tattoo

Faye's Geisha Girl Tattoo This week on Tattoo Tuesday is Faye’s geisha girl tattoo by Kate Shaw in Newscastle. Faye is from The North East of England and got her geisha girl tattoo 4 years ago. What I love most about Faye is at first glance, you may not realize that...

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James & Chloe’s Surprise Wedding Proposal in London

James & Chloe's Surprise Wedding Proposal in London Every once in a while, I get an enquiry through for a top secret mission that makes me feel like some bad-ass secret spy…but I swap my camera for Bond’s latest deadly gadget. I get asked to photography wedding...

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Tattoo Tuesday – Lesley’s Infinity Tattoo

Lesley's Infinity Tattoo I first met Lesley in the Summer of 2015 at a Wedding Fair. We were a stand or two apart and by the end were sharing Strawberry Margaritas in the Sun! (Lesley in the middle, me on the Right) Lesley and her husband work as a husband and wife...

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Brush Lettering Workshop at Quill London

I’ve been wanting to write about my evening learning brush lettering at Quill London since I got back and unstuck all my ink scrawled masterpieces but life has taken over so let me cast you back 3 weeks.  Between the boxes of panda biscuits that has unfortunately...

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Tattoo Tuesday – Nurse pin-up tattoo by Tracy D

My Nurse pin-up tattoo. I'm actually loving writing these! This week, I talk about my first big tattoo  my nurse pin-up tattoo by the one and only Tracy D. So you may have read in last week's tattoo tuesday blog that i first met Tracy in about 2010. The first tattoo I...

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Tattoo Tuesday – My travel tattoo by Tracy D

I've been wanting to talk about my travel tattoo since I started my blog series titled Tattoo Tuesday but was waiting for the right time. However, as I sit flicking through various travel books and guides for my expected travels in 2016, I actually want to scream and...

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